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How big is Gigantic?

13 November 2010 Posted by Martin

[Baalbek, Lebanon]
One of the heritages of Lebanon is the ruins of Baalbek. I couldn’t spend 3 month in this country without visiting the place. So Katrina (the tour guide), Simone (the happy girl) and myself (the photographer) went to check the place for yourself.

An indeed, the place is amazing. Thousands of years stand before our eyes as we walk in the midst of these massive ruins. I even felt it is more interesting to visit the site as a ruin than in its original state. First, the Antic and Roman architecture with small and narrow windows must have given a very dark atmosphere. Now, it’s a place full of light (since the roof hasn’t resisted the several earthquakes).

- a part of the temple that is completely intact and the outside view -
Another interesting thing is that it’s possible to observe the delicacy of the sculpture of the ceiling – which would not be possible if they were still up there… because the temple is big, really big.

Just to give you an idea…. Try to find me on the picture

Two Months Later

28 October 2010 Posted by Martin

[News from Monrovia, Liberia]
Two months have passed since the Logos Hope sailed away from Monrovia. This port has a special place in my heart since I spent four months in Liberia to prepare the visit. Our vision was to work with local churches and organisations for the Logos Hope to Encourages Help and Equip for a lasting impact. We really wanted our efforts to last longer than three weeks in port.

Just this week, I received an email from Pastor Samuel, the principal of a school we helped in the Doe community. "Many children have come to our school - Pentecost Assembly School System - to attend because of the books you supplied to the newly established library. This stands as a symbol of your presence in our community.
Our students are very much thankful for the books and promised to take good care of them." A simple testimony, but so encouraging.

Student (above) and Teacher below) working in the new library.

The Strait of Gibraltar

25 September 2010 Posted by Martin

[at Sea, Strait of Gibraltar]

Many things have happened since the Logos Hope left Liberia. The ship has visited two ports in the Canary Islands: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. After a long season in english speaking ports, both visits were opportunities to see how the crew adjust to a culture where they don't speak the language and many enjoyed learning or improving their Spanish.

In Las Palmas, we had the annual renewal of the crew. Among the 64 newcomers, we were excited to welcome Jocelyn, a French guy who brings his joy and vitality to the small French community on board. (center of the picture)

The Logos Hope is now sailing to Malta, and we just passed the Strait of Gibraltar: a magic moment between Africa and Europe. Two whales were even there!

Life on board - Dentist delight

01 September 2010 Posted by Martin

[Monrovia, Liberia]
I haven't given much updates of the Help projects in West Africa, and in particular in Liberia. The 3 weeks in port were very fruitful. Practical help and friendship were built. One of the highlight was a small dental clinic took place in the Redemption Hospital, giving free care to hundreds of patients.

Have a look at this documentary:

You can follow more episode from the Life on board: on the shipshot websit.

A most welcome help

16 July 2010 Posted by Martin

[Monrovia, Liberia]
Last Wednesday, 74 volunteers from Monrovia and the suroundings were gathered for a Logos Hope orientation. One of my colleagues, Norma Hernandez (Mexico), spent the last two months, interviewing candidates who are interested to serve alongside the crew during the Logos Hope visit. Indeed, in every port the ship visit, we invite some local volunteer to help us. This extra help is much welcome, especially in countries where English is not the official language. In this case, the local volunteers help crew members who can’t speak the local language. For 2 or 3 weeks, they are part of the ship’s company. They live a unique ship experience, working in the galley or in the book fair. They also receive some Biblical teaching and join us in the ministry onboard and on shore.

This Liberian batch was quite excited and impatient… but they will have wait 3 more weeks before boarding the Logos Hope.

Once in a Lifetime

02 July 2010 Posted by Martin

[Monrovia, Liberia]
What is this noise in the street? And this crowd across the pavement? Is this another strike of the teachers who haven’t been paid? Or another complain of the AFL, the Liberian forces, for their pensions?
No, this is just the World cup. Like everywhere, Soccer is everything in Liberia. Yet, only few Liberian can afford a TV, the only option left to watch a match is to squeeze oneself in one of the ‘entertainment centres’ (sort of ‘local cinema’) or small bars with a TV Set. The Screen is small and the seats in front are rare, hence most of the time, you will end up watching the match in an angle. But the atmosphere is at least as crazy as in the stadium! Even the street vendors have left their wheel barrows. The noise level is so high that you can’t get a words of the commentary (this is because of the passion of the supporters as well as the loud music of the nearby CD dealer) – anyway the comments of my two neighbours are much funnier that the official ones.
When I see the passion of the people and the pride they have in this unique event happening for the first time in Africa, I even wish the Ghana team to win the cup. This would mean al lot, not only to a country but to a continent as a whole!

The Calling - short movie

29 June 2010 Posted by Martin

The Calling has been released last week. This is a short movie made by people on board the Logos Hope while she was in Denmark and Scotland. You won’t see me in it as I was the photographer of the shooting set. Later, I worked with Ruben, the co-director on the DVD which is available in 5 languages!
As for the movie, I let you discover it on the official website:

Lydie Sewell, is The Calling